söndag 8 november 2015

We live in intensely crazy and interesting times

Viktor Orban:

“There are two kinds of people; those who see, and those who don't see what's happening. Those who see reality as it is and those who are daydreaming. There are people who are trapped in the problems of the times, yet, understand that the world is always more than appearances; those people raise new questions and try to find new answers. Today, we need the latter type of individuals in politics.

Today we are blindly racing toward an uncertain future - nothing good can come out of this. We must return to the path of reason and revive our self-defense mechanism - humanity's core values can't become prey to the changing times triggered by the tremors of the global universe.

We are experiencing one of history's greatest mass migrations of which we don't see the end; but, we know it will have tragic consequences for our future.”

Hungarian Ambiance