tisdag 10 november 2015

Korrupt mediamaskin köpt av George Soros

More than 300 people held a sympathy rally at the Hungarian Embassy in Paris Saturday afternoon to denounce illegal immigration and support Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán who makes great efforts to slow the influx of migrants into Europe and defend Europe's Christian values.

Attendance of the rally was remarkable if you consider the fact that the corrupt media machine didn't touch the story preventing organizers from publicizing the event among the public.


George Soros in an interview with the Wall Street Journal complained that the Orbán government constantly attacking him and his foundation for supporting immigration into Europe, but the organization stands its ground.

Soros called on the leaders of the European Union to open the continent to new migrants. In his view, Europe can easily absorb one million refugees but only on a voluntary basis; mandatory quotas don't work he said.

Meeting with Open Society Foundations activists in Istanbul Soros complained that many countries fiercely attack him for his foundation's refugee-related activities.

As an example, he mentioned the Orbán government as being one of the most relentless critics of his foundation's activities; in the meantime, he pledged that despite the criticism he will continue supporting immigration into Europe.