onsdag 5 augusti 2015

Putin varnar Erdogan (och därmed Obama)

Russian president to Turkish ambassador: "tell your dictator President he can go to hell along with his ISIS terrorists, I will make Syria a 'Big Stalingrad' for him!"

AWD News/The Moscow Times 3 Aug. 2015:

The Russian president Vladimir Putin broke the accepted diplomatic protocols and has personally warned the Turkish ambassador to Moscow, Mr Ümit Yardim, that the Russian Federation shall sever the diplomatic relations immediately unless the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stops supporting ISIS rebels in Syria, where Russia holds its last navy base in the Mediterranean sea.

Mr. Yardim has repudiated all Russian accusations, laying blame on Russia for Syria’s bitter and protracted civil war.

Putin said: “then tell your dictator president he can go to hell along with his ISIS terrorists and I shall make Syria to nothing but a ‘Big Stalingrad’ for Erdoğan, and his Saudi allies are no less vicious than Adolf Hitler.

How hypocrite is your president as he advocates democracy and lambastes the military coup d’état in Egypt, added Mr. Putin, and he simultaneously condones all terrorist activities aimed to overthrow Syrian president!”