måndag 6 december 2010

Kriteriet för att kristendomen är bättre än islam

"Tag ett träd: antingen är det bra och då är dess frukt är också bra, eller så är det är dåligt, och då är dess frukt också dålig. För ett träd känner man på frukten." Matt 12:33

"Och då är det ju väldigt enkelt, om vi ser frukterna av de två religionerna i nutiden: world wide katastrofhjälp, kärlek till medmänniskan, lika värde för alla människor på ena sidan och massmord på oskyldiga, hat mot alla otrogna, våldsamt förtryck av kvinnor å andra sidan ... - och listan skulle kunna fortsätta ..." skriver Leif Nørholm.

Läs mer: Allah är INTE den samma som Bibelns gud

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Knute sa...

At bilde folk ind at der er forskel på islam og islamisme, er slavementalitet med stort S.


Knute sa...

Virtually everything associated with Muhammad was decidedly unprophet-like. His birth was not foretold. The circumstances surrounding it were nasty. He couldn't perform a miracle. He never issued a single prophetic utterance that came true as predicted. His scripture was abysmal - devoid of context and chronology. It focused on hate, violence, and punishment. His "new" religion was simply repackaged paganism blended with a plethora of plagiarized and twisted Bible stories. What little was inventive was tragic. War was elevated to a paramount religious duty. Plunder was approved, as was incest, thievery, lying, assassination, genocide, and rape to name a few Islamic innovations. Paradise became a lustful orgy. The would-be prophet's depictions of hell told us more about him than about the place. And his life was an example of what not to do, rather than how to behave. Then there was his god - a trickster, angry and demented.

According to the Qur'an, the Meccans knew the prophet was full of it. They ridiculed him on every occasion - a hundred variations of the never-ending argument were faithfully recounted in the Islamic holy book. But the Meccans were eventually conquered and criticizing the prophet became a deadly game. So the next time the Muslim hierarchy was confronted with the notion that their man didn't measure up was when they paraded his legacy out to the literate word. The enlightened didn't buy it either, and for all the reasons we have just mentioned.

That put the Muslim warlords in a tough spot. They had raided everyone from India to Spain. Now they needed to control that which they had conquered. And they recognized that there is no better way to subdue a population than to impose a religion.


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