torsdag 4 oktober 2012

Känd marxistisk historieförfalskare död

Eric Hobsbawm (1917-2012): Ett liv tillägnat stalinismen, men fortfarande centrum-vänsterns favorithistoriker.

"If Communism had achieved its aims, but at the cost of, say, 15 to 20 million people – as opposed to the 100 million it actually killed in Russia and China – would Hobsbawm have supported it? His answer was a single word: ‘Yes’.

Just imagine what would happen if some crazed Right-winger were to appear on BBC and say that the Nazis had been justified in killing six million Jews in order to achieve their aims. We should be horrified, and consider that such a person should never be allowed to speak in public again – or at least until he retracted his repellent views and admitted that he had been culpably, basely, wrong.

Yet the awful thing about the phenomenon of Eric Hobsbawm is that the exact opposite to this is what happened.

He was awarded a Companion of Honour by Tony Blair… A professor of history, he was regularly lionised on the BBC and in the liberal newspapers as our ‘greatest’ historian."