söndag 15 februari 2015

Jihad’s Ace Cards Unmasked

Handicapped by the lobotomy by PC surgeons, Western Civilization is unable and unwilling to face Muslim radicalism. Decadent liberalism finds it safer to fight Hitler retroactively.

Anti-Semitism suffers from a PR weakness. “Ersatz” products are wanted to support the cause without making its advocate appear to be a Nazi loser. The conversion of Jihad into a response to Zionist atrocities provides legitimacy. It also excuses the failure to react to terrorism that is made to appear as an expression of justified resentment.

Will the governing elites continue to remain unable to overcome the anesthetic vapors of their illusions? If not, new forces will emerge. They will not carry mental ballasts that would disable them from coping with the menace. In this case, the game change will bring with it that the Jihadists’ ace cards will fail to score.

Brussels Journal