tisdag 17 februari 2015


The prime minister of Denmark laid flowers on Sunday, Feb. 15, at the site where the day before a Jewish man was shot in the head and killed while volunteering as a security guard outside of a synagogue in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Was the murder of Dan Uzan, the son of an Israeli father, an act in which the Danish government was indirectly complicit?

Denmark has been financially supporting anti-Israel organizations to the tune of many millions of dollars a year, for many years running.

So in the guise of “doing good” for the poor Palestinian Arabs, Denmark has been funding entities whose raison d’être is to encourage not only the Arabs in the Middle East but those in Denmark as well, to demonize Jews and Israel.

Under the facade of human rights, all of these groups do highly visible anti-Israel advocacy in Denmark, contributing to the environment of hate and violence.

That is the kind of crucible in which Omar Abdel el-Hussein, the 22 year-old Danish terrorist who shot many and killed two people last Saturday, including Dan Uzan, was forged.

So unless the Danes are willing to join together with Israel and like-minded nations to fight cross-border oozing terrorism, there will be more crocodile tears for dead Jews in Denmark.