måndag 14 mars 2016

The race card

In Sweden and other liberal run countries where the elected governments regularly targeting their own population, when a minority accuses someone with an imaginary offense that accusation can bring serious legal consequences to the guiltless person; as a result, he/she can be blamed for stirring up anti-minority sentiments regardless of lack of evidence. In liberal run countries, minorities usually aren’t required to produce hard core evidence to back up their claims if the targeted person is a member of the majority.

In the United States for instance, 8-9 years old kids (minorities) can accuse their teachers with sexual abuse if they wish just for fun. Cases like this happened many times in the past. Courts took the immature kids’ testimony at face value and brought charges against innocent teachers sentencing them to long imprisonment. As a result male teachers fled the American public education system, which is today almost completely feminized.

This conspiracy of various state agencies against the clueless population serves one purpose - to destroy trust in society and further divide the population. When an individual is isolated in his/her environment by becoming distrustful toward his/her own fellow citizens that person can be more fully controlled.

A black guy thought Kittensinurface was racist because he imagined she looked at him strangely

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